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Toutes les vidéos

Toutes les vidéos

A selection of videos soundtracks works 

Fragments | FX Collection | ARTURIA

IDM break beat sound track I created using Fragments.

I also worked on this project as a sound designer / Product manager during the product specification and developpement phases.

Pigments 3 | Polychrome Software Synthesizer | ARTURIA

Dubstep / drum&bass video soundtrack created to showcase the new possibilities of Pigments 3 update.

Including a new multiband compressor (OTT) and a new harmonic OSC.

I was also product manager for the harmonic OSC during the Pigments 3 development.  

Arturia Performance | MicroFreak

Live performance filmed in one go for the MicroFreak release.

ARTURIA V Collection 9

Promotional vidéo soundtrack using 40 different presets in less than 50s.

3 Modulation Fx | You'll actually Use

Experimental video soundtrack using granular piano and glitch percussions in combinaison with the " 3 Modulation FX ".

Mix Bus Effects | FX Collection 2 | ARTURIA

Sound sculpting : intensity, pure energy, time stretching and plasticity. Metaphor between sculpting and instrument playing, sound.

Nuance | Sound Design exercice | ACFA Sound Design School

Sound design recreation homework when I was student at ACFA Multimedia (sound design school in Montpellier, France).

MicroLab | Controllers | Arturia

IDM soundtrack for MicroLab Controllers release.

Arturia Performance | MicroFreak Vocoder Edition

This is a live performance filmed in one go for the " MicroFreak vocoder edition " release.

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