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I'm a music Producer and sound designer based in Montpellier FR,

I have been involved in many projects alongside Arturia :

Fx Collection, Vcollection, Polybrute, Microfrek, Minifreak, Pigments

Creating presets, promotional soundtrack videos / demos and working with the product management team to design products (like Pigments 3 harmonic engine and Fragments Fx) .

I alpha or beta-tested for most of the previous projects mentioned on this site and am experienced working on hardware or software synthesiser designs, including analog, FM, wavetable, sample-based, physical modelling or granular synth engines.

I also teach sound design at FASTLANE, an Ableton certified center in Montpellier (FR).

As a multi-instrumentalist, I have been playing drums since the age of 5 and learned classical music theory at university. I have been actively involved in sound design and electronic music production for 15 years.

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